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Bookmark Pub Rooms Seaside pub from coast to coast and around the UK. These are some of the finest from a wide section of Pub Inns around Britains coasts. There is nothng better that being by the seaside and close to a traditional pub.
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UK Pubs by the Sea with Accommodation

From cool boutique Inns and renovated Victorian Pubs to award-winning family Pubs, wherever you head to on the English coast throughout 2011 there are superb places to stay. Whether it's space, style or comfort you're after, look no further! The Pub Rooms, isn' just a Pub Guide.

Choose any area you would like to stay in (see map below) or click the County links to the left.

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2012 Pub Accommodation Offers

During 2011 we were overwhelmed by the support and feedback from our visitors. Whilst we place great importance on the quality of the establishments listed we can never guarantee they have availability.
There are plenty of quality pubs in the UK offering luxury rooms, you just have to know where there are!
We know finding cheap rooms is top of your priority but great Pubs & Inns with accommodation are not going to be cheap. Pub have changed considerably over the last 10 years and it's all for the better. St Austell brewery for example has invested heavily in refurbishing their pubs and hotels to meet the demand from UK tourism.
In the meantine please see the respective County you seek to visit and stay. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Seaside Pubs Inns used by Locals

Around the coast of Briatain the local communities still use the local pub as a place to meet up and socialise. Visiting any of the still open pubs and inns will always provide you with a breath of fresh air as well as sea air!

Pubs Inns by the Sea

Use the main search for specific Pubs Inns to Stay Accommodation or see table below - Find party venues and function rooms hire here. Top coastal destinations is currently being up-dated.

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This top 100 list of pubs is just one of the holy grail lists of pubs. Why? Because they are still open. If you are a pub and still open and providing great pub food,function rooms and bed and breakfast, register today our visitors want to know where you are.

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Pub owners and visitors to Pub Rooms remind us how appreciated pub rooms is. Pubs and Inns in the UK are visited annually by 80% of the UK adult population. Pubs and Inns find it easier when you contact them by phone and speak to the pub directly. The only draw back is when a pub closes and there is no one to answer the phone.

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