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Whether you're visitng the UK from overseas or exploring somewhere new from within the Uk, there is always a pub close by to stay in. Pub Rooms have listed some of the most visited but mostly worth visiting places in the UK.

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The original UK pubs with rooms guide, not just pub accommodation! Whether you're looking for a pub to stay by the seaside or somewhere close to a British attraction, whether you want to stay in a pub or stop off for a bite to eat (including gastro foodie restaurants with rooms) - pub rooms will help you find a pub near the places you are visiting. Still looking for interesting places to visit? Britain in full to the brim of awesome places to explore. Don't be a pub explorer! Find a pub near the places you visit or be inspired by the different places and attractions available.

Country pubs...
Museums can be found all over the UK not just in London. although the British Museum, Natural History and Science Museums are pretty magical.
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Cathedrals - Churches
Attractions - Looking for top notch pubs near attractions with accommodation? You're in luck. The Pub Rooms team have created a short list of some of the best pubs with accommodation near to the UK's favourite attractions.
City Pubs
There is more to sport than football! The UK leads the way when it comes to sport and where there is a sporting event there is a good pub near by. Sporting fans love to meet up around the teams they follow. Practically every sport can be watched in a pub and if not watched talked about. Not a fan of sport or pubs with SKY sports?

Places to Visit

The first person has completed a swim around the UK! During his swim he would have taken in views of the UK like no other! The UK has plenty of stunning scenery to take your breath away and you don't have to swim around the coast of Great Britain to see it. We have made short lists of places to visit and have suggested pub B&B close by. Pub Rooms receives lots of emails from people visiting the UK with questions about places to stay. With pubs near to places to visit we have developed a key map with directions from the pubs to stay. If you're an explorer and looking for a pub to stay welcome to Pub Rooms.

National Forest

National Forest

The UK's 11 National Forests, with pubs & inns to stay near by.

Birmingham Places to Visit

Birmingham has more canals than Venice! With many interesting places to visit there are also some great pubs to stay.

Manchester Places to Visit

Not just football stadiums to visit, there are lots of interesting Places to Visit in Manchester.

Leeds Places to Visit

Leeds is a city of culture with plenty of Places to Visit.

Liverpool Places to Visit

Liverpool Places to Visit.

Norwich Places to Visit

Norwich has plenty of Places to Visit to choose to visit. Find a selection of pubs with rooms with the best prices here.

Accommodation Near Places to Visit

Looking for pubs & inns accommodation near the place you plan to visit. With 100's of B&B pubs with rooms across the UK use the search feature to make a shortlist. Finding pubs near interesting places is easy!

UK Pubs with room can be contacted directly for best room prices is has always been recommended to contact directly. For lists of pubs near the place you visit with rooms use the search. Coming soon - ask pubs directly about the rooms you are looking for using Facebook messenger. Have a question for a pub? Recommended best pub B&B by category, eg Luxury Pub B&B in London. The best room prices for pubs near me with rooms in London has been updated. Its best to contact the pubs and inns directly by telephone. They will also be able to help provide you with local information for the area such as travel directions to London. Plus local information such as pub walks in London.

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Keep up to date with all the latest pub accommodation offers, including pubs with rooms that offer wedding function room hire. Pub offers go quickly.