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Hotel Pubs

Pub Hotels

There are a range of hotels that are situated close by to pubs however, some pubs are hotels first!  Confused?  You should be confused.  The pub industry has a problem defining what they are.  This is because some pubs like to be called anything other than a pub!  Whilst others understand that a pub is a friendly place where people want to enjoy a drink and relax with friends.  Pubs & Inns and Hotels are all in the same bed yet they struggle to define what they think they are and the customer becomes confused.  Fine dining in a pub?  Restaurants with Rooms gets over this problem.  But really we all know they are just a glorified pub that want to charge more than a traditional pub would for the same food and drinks.  As for the accommodation, boutique pubs have steadily become the go to place to stay.  And why not they are very comfortable places to stay along with the history and character they offer far more than any boring modern square building can.  In fact it's worth paying a little extra for this style of accommodation.  Pubs with rooms come in all shapes and sizes and all offer that little bit of history too.  Whether they are called a hotel and inn or pub try one of the selected pub hotels below.

Currently updating this list ready for the new Winter 2017 / 2018 season