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And yes, these special special pubs have a special price without any deals! Well, lets face it darling, you have to keep the riff raff out and if they can't afford it they can not entertain the thought of checking in. There is always Air BnB to consider!

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The original UK pubs with rooms guide - recognised back in 2005 that not all pubs are equal. Not hidden away but just out of sight nestled in beauty there are pubs inns offering something different.
And some have more than accommodation!
During the last decade ordinary people have suffered financial constraints never to be understood by the wealthy. And during this time of austerity the luxury pubs and inns across the UK have become more luxurious. Typically the online publications and digital versions of printed publications have taken to drawing up lists of the best pubs defined as luxury pub accommodation. Mr Mrs Smith, Alistair Sawday and the Broadsheet newspapers have also had a crack at it. The top 30 pubs with rooms you must stay in or at least visit. For most people just to look at from the outside and dream of staying! The price of a room in the top 30 pubs ands inns is well out of reach for the average person. But for those looking for something special this is the choice of places to stay. Pubs traditionally offered budget accommodation, mainly for contractors or workers on a low budget. A combination of factors changed this and there are now more pubs with accommodation aimed at the mid price range.

#Pub #Rooms makes no assumptions! You're looking at this page of luxury pubs because you would like to stay in one! You want to contact one of the pubs listed and you just want extra information and to be able to talk directly with the consierge. (normal pubs don't have consierge but luxury pubs do!). If there is no mumber use the form and you'll get a quick response, after all these are luxury pubs.

Luxury Pubs with Rooms

There is no set criteria to how these special pubs with rooms get chosen. If one were to be cynical it would merely be a combination of genuine luxury on offer, the ability to afford to pay for expensive advertising and wealthy customers!

Much to your dismay they are merely expensive and out of reach for the average person. If like 90% of the population you are average! Check out the average person scale and where they decide to stay when visitng places across the UK.

Prices generally start well over £100 per night just for a room only! Yes, you'll need not be too concerned about spending a few hundred quid to stay a night for two. Lets be honest these places spend a fortune advertising on the UK's popular publications so expect something special. They have also paid a small fortune to ensure your stay is the best that money can buy. #Pub #Rooms has list the pubs and inns here because they claim to be the best. Book rooms commission free. Completely no financial gain to be had from the pubs and inns displayed below. That said, you may want to explore further to discover individual pubs and inns reviews on Trip Advisor. Although experience does suggest you have to take Trip Advisor with a pinch of salt. One persons cup of tea isn't another persons hot chocolate!

The Fox Hounds Inn

The Fox Hounds Inn

15 miles from Whitby this is one of the old greats in the heart of Yorkshire.
Formerly a 16th Century Coaching Inn it's now a high quality country Inn and Restaurant offering bed and breakfast.
Even the local turn up for the famous full English breakfast, or as the locals call it the great Yorkshire fry up. A true local pub.

Enquiries Yorkshire 120
The Portland Arms

The Portland Arms

Two double rooms and a twin available within 10 minutes walk of the city centre. Rooms come equiped with tea/coffee making facilities and TV.

Enquiries Cambridgeshire 120
The Oak Inn

The Oak Inn

he Oak Inn at Staplow, bed and breakfast Ledbury, Herefordshire, is a popular, privately owned freehouse situated in the heart of glorious Herefordshire countryside, with the latest addition of four superior en-suite luxury bed and breakfast rooms.

Enquiries Herefordshire 120

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Pub owners and visitors to Pub Rooms remind us how appreciated pub rooms is. Pubs and Inns in the UK are visited annually by 80% of the UK adult population. Most pubs are family friendly. Pubs and Inns find it easier when you contact them by phone and speak to the pub directly.Pubs with accommodation promoting offers should be contacted directly.

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