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By visiting your local pub you're keeping in touch with the community. If you don't like your local pub find a new local. Don't miss out on what's going on in the real World

Pub Rooms is an Internet based Accommodation & Room Hire guide. Helping website visitors find British Pubs & Inns to stay easily. Get the best room prices, cheap rooms without compromising quality. Selection of top notch UK Pubs.
Visit new pubs every week and discover there is more to life than sitting in front of the TV, unless it's for the football, in which case you can watch football down the pub!
Make sure your pub is still open. There is a website with a list of closed pubs coming shortly.

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About Pubs Rooms Accommodation

Pub Rooms was setup originally by Wendy T who is now living in Canada. The Pub Rooms website listed Pubs and Inns in alphabetical order by County across the UK. One day a search was carried out for 'traditional british pubs in leeds' - and the Pub Rooms website was discovered by Peter Jones. A few pubs were contacted via the email on the website and no reply came for over a week. The reply came from Wendy and not the Pubs contatced! So here began the communication and later a challenge to improve the site and service. As an independent directory the Pub Rooms website over the years became a comprehensive list of Inns and Pubs. A comprehensive list that was out of date.

Unfortunately the data was not maintained. The data is now up to date and will be updated daily.

Pubs and Inns change ownership and some close down completely some become homes. The current rate of Pub closures is approx 57 a month. Despite numerous efforts by organisations such as CAMRA and Pub is Hub the rate has not dropped off. In fact it has increased.

Pub Rooms can not save pubs from closing down or changing hands but it can list those that want to be found.

Pub Rooms does get found when searching for accommodation that is different. Some of the UK's pubs and Inns offer accommodation that is simply second to none.

Pubs, Inns and Hotel Accommodation

Pub Rooms through constant contact with Pubs, Inns and Hotels provide seasonal offers. Throughout the year there are plenty of offers to choose from to escape for a few nights. Some of the best places to stay in and out of the UK cities are ofter over looked. Traditional British Pubs and Inns certainly offer an alternative to modern fast hotels. Yet this is the biggest growth for rooms being offered to tourists in the UK.
To find great pubs with accommodation simply use the Pub Rooms website to contact pubs & inns directly.

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